A Day in Vermont
December 3, 2018


Test of Time

An old Vermont barn has character, integrity, and charm. A fine example of earnest longevity and aging with grace.

I’ve had an opportunity to consider time this year. Where it has gone, and what to do with what’s left.

Yes, I think I’ll just keep painting.

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” Leo Tolstoy

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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15 Responses to “Test of Time”

  1. Kathy Shortsleeves

    An old red barn no matter the one always reminds me of my childhood at my grandparents farm in Taftsville. The farm is no longer there because the land was sold to out of state people who took down all the buildings and repurposed the land. I only have memories in my mind of my happy place..

  2. Alta Johnston

    Breathtaking as usual. What a beautiful history of Vermont you have painted throughout your career of painting. Keep up the good work and thank you.

  3. Maureen WALLACE

    I loved seeing the barns of Vermont on a trip there last fall. You capture the essence of Vermont beautifully.

  4. Gail Christmann

    Iconic. Beautiful and true colors. It’s the perfection of the contrasts of Vermont.

  5. Annie Rosello

    I love all of your paintings, but this one is just stunning, and your words that accompany it are so true. I hope you’re well.

  6. brian blaine

    While the old bones/timbers of an ancient barn may endure for centuries, the noisy clatter and rattle of the dried bones of cornstalks must be content with but a single winter…except when memorialized in paint! Nice job, Peter!

  7. Mary Ellen Derrick

    This reminds me of my Grandpa’s barn in Bradford, Vermont. So many wonderful childhood memories there. Love it.

  8. Jill K Melton

    I look forward to your work! I love barns and this painting is wonderful! So glad you continue to paint!

  9. Beth Ruberg

    The barn is stunning! Funny how old wood and red paint can carry so much emotion. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  10. Lise Gray

    this reminds me of when i was very young, going to the barn, trying to learn from Uncle how to milk the cows. so beautiful!

  11. Sylvia Eugair

    I too love the old barns. It makes me very sad to see so many left to decay. We are losing a part of our history.

  12. Doris Michel

    The times are changing. The old barns rest for a long time, one day they’ve no longer any function. But they stay as memorials of a rural form of economics and tradition. So one day a new owner comes pushing down the old barn and kicks out this vivid example of the history. We all see this process, we regret it, we can’t stop it and so we love your archive of the last witnesses of the ancient Vermont. It’s so touching. I know the discussions about the old towns, farms and villages. If you renovate such a building like the old barn and it remains as a sort of “funny to look” without any real purpose it rests as a nice facade. Really it’s not easy to find the right way. I’m grateful for the eagle eyes of Peter. He always find a corner, an aspect of real life which is a fine motive to fix on the canvas or the paper. Greetings from the permanently changing city of Duisburg.

  13. Jo Malessa

    I can step right into this painting! – the squishy crunch of underfoot snow, the rustle- whisper of the left-behind cornstalks – the crisp fresh winter air mixed with the musty smell of the barn – I LO VE it!

  14. Richard . Stott

    Time goes by like smoke threw a key hole …..Enjoy each day ……. I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas my Friend !! Good health and wealth in the New Year,,,,,,,all the best Peter….. `Rick . PS love the ARTWORK.


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