A Day in Vermont
May 18, 2020


Twin Peaks

Auction Closed. Sold via Buy Now $800. Next Auction Monday, May 25. 

From the base of Birdseye Mountain on 4A looking east, Killington and Pico rise in the distance.

They may not be identical but they’re definitely related.

Getting lost in Vermont is part of my job description, but it’s never for long. At least in these parts.

Once I catch a glimpse of the twin peaks I can always find my way home.

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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25 Responses to “Twin Peaks”

  1. Lenor Filler

    Really really love this one .. .. such a great contrast of colors.. and again I feel like i could walk right in!

  2. Joan Ward

    Colors are beautifully blended! Soft and just perfect for my taste!

  3. Nancy Letizia

    So beautiful – reminds me of my beloved Scotland!

  4. Ginny Gardner

    The beauty of your paintings helps heal the ache that is in my heart because I am no longer able to live in Vermont.

  5. Susan Kick

    So very beautiful. The detail in this one is amazing. I can’t imagine how long this had to take you! Love it.

  6. Dave Wheel

    Makes me think of my view as I drive south on I-89 from Burlington. I’m a Vermonter who now lives on the “other” side of the Connecticut, I really enjoy your paintings, and I will even more when I’m in Florida!

  7. Dannielle Genovese

    Looking at this painting stirs my heart and reminds me of why I love Vermont.

  8. Brian Davis

    Perhaps my latest favorite. I love this part of the State!

  9. Anne Twohey

    Very beautiful…look forward to your newsletter every Monday….

  10. cynthia adams

    Nice country! Great that you eliminated the Poles! Glad to get my mind off the virus for a while. Thank you for a bright spot in my day…..

  11. Chris Thrane

    This brought a smile to my face for a Monday morning!

  12. Bev Radaker

    Peter, I always appreciate an artist insight and vision. Your perspective on your work speaks volumes to me. For someone who is familiar with Birdseye Mountain, I was thrilled to see this painting. I’ve taken many pictures with my Sony DSC HX300, but nothing has captured the beauty quite like your painting. Thank you for sharing your talent with us during these unprecedented times.

  13. Charlotte Birchmore

    Seems like a view from a different perspective than I normally see. Thanks, love it!

  14. Leslie Carbine

    This painting is so peaceful. It puts me in a place I’d love to be right about now.

  15. John dykty

    When we do our yearly visit it’s 4A into Rutland. Seeing the twin peaks gives a great sigh of welcome!!thanks

  16. Dianne Arthur

    In my youth, I skied on all of these mountains! Brings back such great memories growing up in Rutland! Beautiful painting!

  17. Brian Blaine

    I really enjoyed comparing your photo reference to the finished painting this week. From the reality of a hardscrabble farming landscape in Vermont you have artistically edited what the eye sees, rendering a work of vision, rich with beauty, and peace.

  18. Carol Little

    You’ve captured on of my favorite views in ?Vermont, as I drive from Fair Haven to Rutland. I’m not surprised that it sold so quickly!

  19. Peter Huntoon

    Thank you all for your support and nice comments! Enjoy the sunshine!!


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