A Day in Vermont
October 16, 2017


Inn at Weathersfield

The Inn at Weathersfield is a beautiful farm-to-table inn and restaurant.

I suppose one of my dream vacations would be a tour of Vermont’s many wonderful inns.

Each one has its own unique character and charm.

Of course I’d paint them all along the way.

Hmmm… If a painter paints, is it still a vacation?

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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And the Winners Are…

Each month I draw two random Day in Vermont subscribers to win a free print of their choice.

It’s a fun way I can say thanks for all your support.

Our first winner for October is Lenore Maynard of Glenview, NY. Lenore chose “East Poultney Green”, and had this to say…

“I grew up in Poultney Vermont with a wonderful community of loving caring people. This town, like so many in Vermont, has the charm and warmth found in a Church just like this one. I so much enjoy watching Pete bring our beautiful state to life with art. Thx so much!”

Our second winner is Katie Saunders of Middlebury, VT. Katie is still deciding on her print. Yes, it can be a tough choice with over 550 images to choose from. Katie had this to say…

“I love Vermont for many reasons, but especially because it’s a nice place to raise children. They experience a high quality of life here, such as beautiful wildlife that sometimes wanders through our backyard, and Mourning Doves that nest under the dome of our propane tank. They grow up with nature: flowers, fields, apple orchards, dairy farms, colorful sunsets, lakes and mountains. There is a certain peacefulness to life in Vermont. Also, I love “A Day in Vermont”! For me, it is a feast for they eyes in the middle of a busy day. Also, having grown up in VT and having raised children in VT, I have been to so many of the places Peter paints, which brings back great memories…”

24 Responses to “Inn at Weathersfield”

  1. Glendeen Parent

    Very beautifully done . It is a very nice INN..
    Thank you for sharing ❤️

  2. Ina Tiffany

    I live in Michigan, the state is similar to Vermont, but Vermont is more natural, no big cities, no big malls it is a beautiful state, especially in the fall winding roada, churches, rolling hills, it is pure pleasure to the eyes. Thank you for your paintings I truly love them !

  3. Karen Moorman

    Another beautiful painting. I love fall so much and wish I could spend it in Vermont.

  4. Cam Gilligan

    This us beautiful! This Inn is in the town I grew up in. I know it well….my sister had her wedding reception there.
    My parents almost bought this Inn many years ago but bought the general store instead.
    Thanks for painting this!

  5. Barbara Oswald

    I love this Inn. It is such a wonderful special -occasion place and you capture it beautifully. I so look forward to your paintings every week, Peter. Thank you

    Barbara Oswald

  6. Brian Blaine

    High-key color and bold brush strokes evoke thoughts of those most special autumn days in Vermont earmarked with brilliant sun, fluorescent foliage, and the rustle and crunch of fallen leaves. This painting is, to me, a delightful celebration of light and texture!

  7. Liz Gallagher

    I am a friend of Lenore Maynard, she told me about your site – – – LOVE your work!


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