A Day in Vermont
July 2, 2018


West Street Rutland

Growing up in Rutland 50 years ago, I passed this view daily on my way to school.

I’ve entered the city this way many thousands of times since.

One day a few years ago I decided it would make a good painting.

I’ve been thinking about it since.

A popular question that’s hard to answer: “How long did it take you to paint that?”

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on linen panel

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Framing Update

A few weeks ago I received a question about frames, so here’s an answer!

Framing, of course, is a very important component of any image.

I enjoy framing my own work and offer a standard frame option for both my original paintings and limited edition prints.

Over the course of 25 years creating art my frames have evolved along with my work. That said, my frame priorities have always been high quality materials, craftsmanship, aesthetics, longevity, and cost effective value.

For a customer with specific needs or ideas regarding a frame I do recommend a quality custom frame shop, like Quest Frames in Rutland, VT.

My current standard Oil Painting frame consists of a warm grey distressed Italian moulding, combined with a deep beveled warm white inner MDF “mat”. I designed this unique frame and personally build each one in my shop. With both a traditional and contemporary element, I think they are a tasteful, harmonious complement to my oil paintings.



My current standard frame for Prints and Original Watercolor paintings are the same. The frame is a simple Amish made brown hardwood. Depending on the work, a single off-white acid free mat, or double matting with colored inner trim to accent the artwork. Tru View glass, with dust cover and professional hanging hardware installed.

Here is a link to my website Frame Page that has a little more information , including a video of me framing a print.

As always, if you have any questions at all about my frames or artwork, please don’t hesitate to ASK!

19 Responses to “West Street Rutland”

  1. Susan Damone Balch

    The answer to how long it takes…..a lifetime!

  2. Randy Priest

    Beautiful! The people in Rutland must love you for all the art you do for your hometown. I’m sure you are their “Proud Son”!

  3. Christine

    So great to have you back! Wishing you an abundance of Plein Air days his summer.

  4. Sandra Welch

    Peter I really envy your talent! Spent
    a little bit of time in Vermont and loved
    every minute, even when I was freezing in

  5. Maureen Wallace

    I am enjoying seeing your Monday posting again. This is a lovely street scene. I’m glad you have summer weather that affords painting outdoors. Down here in the steamy south, it’s a little harder to do!

  6. Michaela McKirryher Tomaselli

    So happy to see your wonderful art back on
    my phone. Relieved, and joyful, that you are back in good health. Take good care. Michaela

  7. cynthia adams

    Wonderful scene/scenery…..lots of primary colors! Nice Vt. road leading in to town…. Your frames are very impressive! Great to have Monday again….Cynthia

  8. rick stott

    “Rut-Vegas Baby! ” those were the days my friend I thought they would never end…….great adaptation ……
    Glad your back Peter…BFF Rick.

  9. Jennifer

    I love your work! I grew up in caslteton but I basically lived in Rutland. My dad owned Sal”s Italian restaurant. I wish there was a painting of that. I may get the Hawk Mountain print beacause I got married there! I was shocked you had one! Do you happen to have a painting of Sals south in Wallingford ? My dad has ALS now and I would love to honor your work and him in my new house . I have so many memories of waitressing with him there. He was my first boss ! Jerry Kyhill , I’m sure you e heard of him . Thanks sincerely, Jennifer


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