A Day in Vermont
February 1, 2021


Winter Cathedral

A winter view from the Whaleback Vineyard in Poultney, looking south toward Lake St. Catherine and the Mettowee Valley.

As I was setting up to paint, the barn with its magnificent cupola reminded me of a church.

Having a simple creative concept like that from the start provides a north star of sorts, helping me to stay on track.

Here, in my mind as I painted, the congregation of farm buildings and bare winter trees gather together to sing a hymn of harmony.

“You may go into a great cathedral and the impression may be deep upon you. Must you define what you have felt? If you can you are a poet – an artist. There are cathedrals which have measures of great and many meanings.” Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on linen panel

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And the Winners Are…

As you may know I draw two random A Day in Vermont email subscribers to win a free print of their choice.

It’s one small and fun way I get to say thanks for your amazing support.

Our first winner for January is Barbara Linnard of Boxborough Ma. Barbara chose “Stratton Mountain” and had this to say…

“I first visited Vermont when taking our daughter for an admissions interview at Middlebury College years ago, and I was enchanted by the landscape and the feeling of being in another world, in another time, and in a magical place. Having great grandparents to visit often in the Catskills while I was growing up and ancestors who settled there in the early 1700’s, I was most taken with the shape of the Vermont Mountains, which were so very different than the more gentle shapes of the Catskill Mountains. I was brought back again to Vermont when our son and his wife purchased a house near Stratton Mountain where we could all gather as a family for weekends to enjoy the beauty of Vermont and the skiing at the mountain. In many ways, I have always felt like I’ve come home when I’m in Vermont. Vermont has a way of enfolding you into its heart and making you fall in love with everything you see and experience there.
Peter Huntoon is a master at capturing the very essence of Vermont’s heart and soul in his paintings. Every painting tells a visual story and pulls you into the scene to imagine actually being there and experiencing what Peter felt that made him decide to paint each scene. I visited Peter’s studio some years ago and came home with one of his beautiful Giclées. I am thrilled and honored to have the privilege of owning another of his prints. Thank you, Peter! Actually, I am going to give this painting to my grandson, who was on the Stratton Mountain Alpine Ski Team for several years. He will love it! I know it will be one of his cherished possessions for the rest of his life, not to mention the beginning of his personal art collection!”

Our second winner is Jerri Lynn Ricard of Creswell, Oregon. Jerri chose “Birch Grove” and had this to say…

“I have been a fan of your beautiful masterpieces for quite some time and really enjoy your website. My husband was raised a large part of his life in New England and has a deep love for the natural beauty that this part of the country holds. He especially loves Vermont and speaks often of the state’s wonders and attraction. “Birch Grove” speaks to our hearts. Not only do we love this tree, it holds very special meaning, handed down from ancient times. The Birch tree symbolizes growth, renewal, stability, initiation, and adaptability. These are qualities that are so needed in the times we live in. The Birch Tree is our reminder that we too can persevere and find renewal regardless of the temporary circumstances we find ourselves in. The Birch Tree inspires hope in the future. Please know that “Birch Grove” will find a wonderful home with us. Thank you again for this great honor.”

13 Responses to “Winter Cathedral”

  1. Mel

    I love everything about Winter Cathedral. Thank you for the beautiful description…..’Congregation of farm buildings’….
    Congratulations to Barbara and Jerri with their selections of their favorites.
    Everyone have a beautiful day!

  2. richard stott

    First farm i ever worked on ! Dennis Brown;s …Back in the mid 80’s,,,,,,, Nice herd of veal calfs helped out really worked hard ,,,,loved every minute,,,,I miss Vermont. Great stuff Peter o’l boy! Take good care Rick.

  3. Cynthia Adams

    Indeed…. the barn has a nice church appeal; glad for “Monday Morning” again. Guess we will have another coat of snow today.

  4. Beth Ann Weymer Rossi

    The beauty of your painting is matched by the beauty of your description. Thank you for the Monday morning service.

  5. Brian Blaine

    I appreciate the subtle adjustments that help bring your artistic story to life….the cupola stretches a bit higher in the sky emphasizing the church-like aspect, while distant misty blue hills evoke a sense of heavenly peace. As in many Vermont churches today, the “congregation” is small but steadfast.

  6. Carole Hinners

    I love the brightness in this one and how I can almost tell the outside temperature from the look of the snow and sky in this one. It was nice chatting with you last week. I’m glad that you are OK.
    Best always,
    Carole H

  7. Chuck Dayton

    Hi Peter,
    Dennis’ father Dennis used to work with my dad. Been at that farm a couple of times when I was a kid with my parents. I love farms and barns. I love all your barnyard scenes. Brings back old memories.

    Have a good one cousin.

  8. Sheila McCormack

    This is such an enjoyable sight, Peter! In painting this pleasant scene that includes a barn with the surprising appearance of a cathedral, you’ve captured both the beauty and spirit of the location. There should be no limitations for the appearance of a place that projects spirituality – whether simple or elaborate, or majestic due to the design of nature or the result of the efforts of man. This cathedral’s simplicity and your depiction of it bring to mind the words of Meister Eckart: If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is ‘thank you,’ that would be enough.


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