A Day in Vermont
February 26, 2018


Winter River

Wet Paint!

Back in school, I was a “just in time” kind of guy.

My homework is a lot more fun now.

When it comes to deadlines however, I still dance in the dragon’s jaw.

I finished this one moments ago.

“The ultimate inspiration is the deadline.” Nolan Bushnell

Size: 12X16 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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35 Responses to “Winter River”

  1. Kylee

    This is beautiful!!! I love the colors. Looks like one of those days where the sun just feels a bit warmer making you think spring is that much closer. Love this painting!

  2. Emerald Daisy

    Oh my, this is so beautiful! This reminds me of our trips to Vermont each year when we went skiing! Miss Vermont so much, this helps ease that!

  3. joann lavin


  4. Lenore Filler

    love this one… see a hint of spring .. … by the way I have some miniature daffodils blooming here in Va.[ displaced person from N.H. and the cape}

  5. Betsy Lenora

    Not too late for me! Another beauty – you know how much I love your winter landscapes. This one has an intimate feeling. I will be ordering some cards soon!

  6. Judy Young

    This is alive and beautiful. The colors are crisp, like the air. Yes, spring is coming. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Brian Blaine

    If I were to choose one element that tells the story in this painting, it would be the river. While it flows freely, you can tell by its color that winter isn’t over yet. The subtle shades of blue and green speak of cold and ice. But the warmer colors of tree trunks and grasses speak of warmer days to come and the smell of maple sap boiling in the sugar woods.

  8. Lauren Corson

    A wonderful way to start the day with your brush strokes evoking joy on the canvas Peter. Truly stunning!

  9. Victoria Schneider

    Hmmmm! This just may have to wend its way to my “collection”….Truly another BEAUTY…
    And THANK YOU, Peter for sending “Winter Sunset”….as well as the lovely card, “maple sugaring”….Your work is just stunning…your style SO unique….and fully captures the essence of any chosen subject.
    Go gently…
    Victoria Schneider

  10. Cindy

    Something about your paintings make me feel peaceful and hopeful in these chaotic times. Thank you for reminding us of the beauty.

  11. KarenKinder

    I was born and raised in Rutland,Vermont..Every time I see one of your Paintings,it’s like coming home one more time,to Days gone by but not forgotten..This Beautiful Picture reminds me of One of tbose Days..Thank You Peter for Bringing me home One More Time.. Karen

  12. Louise Sinibaldi

    Beautiful work!!! Does painting go to highest bidder? How do you make bid???

    • Peter Huntoon

      Correct Louise, high bidder gets original painting. You can bid by clicking the little green “Bid” button above, in bottom right corner of painting. From there it will guide you through process. Just holler if you have questions. peter@peterhuntoon.com or 802-235-2328. Tx!

  13. Carol

    Though we escape the snow for 3 months I love to look at it from a warm house and hearing a bubbling brook or stream is the greatest!

  14. Nancy Mills

    Winter scenes are often monochromatic, but this one is so colorful! The gorgeous blues and greens make this scene come alive, and I can almost hear the water and smell the cold winter air. Once again, you’ve captured with sensory detail a beautiful piece of Vermont!

  15. Maureen Wallace

    I love how you take such a cold looking landscape and add warmth to it. Lovely!

  16. Steve Gilzow

    Another lovely painting, Peter. Your words had me humming the Bruce Cockburn song of years ago, Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws. Not sure that was your intended reference. And yes, deadlines. I have clipped a NYer cartoon from years ago, by David Sipress. A man works at his desk as the Grim Reaper enters the room. The man says, “Thank goodness you’re here. I can’t get anything done without a deadline!”

    • Peter Huntoon

      Yes Steve, that’s where that came from. I’m a big BC fan.

  17. Mary Lynn Baldwin

    When I was little my Dad would take me on adventure rides to Vt We would take cameras and bring home memoriesMy dad is gone now but I have the best memories of Vt and my Dad ❤️

  18. Punky Rusiloski

    Reminds me of a favorite stream in winter while growing up in Vermont…your work is lovely and stirs my memories.

  19. Chris

    Again, I love your color choices and economy of primaries in Winter River. Just a dab will do it.

  20. Joan Ward

    Just looking at your painting, I can hear the water as it is flowing! I just need to have my name drawn?!

  21. cynthia adams

    I have been imagining how the river began, etching out it’s route so many years/centuries ago…leaving some boulders intact. Wonderful painting that keeps the scene alive.

  22. Peter Huntoon

    Thank you all very much for all the wonderful comments! Although I always read every one, I do hope it’s OK that I don’t thank each of you individually every week. I do promise to use my time wisely at the easel for you!

  23. Carol Christensen

    I appreciate that you post the photographs of the scenes you paint, and amazed at your talent for making VT winter scenes even more beautiful in your paintings than they are in real life!


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