Artist Launches Website for Paintings

Article published Feb 25, 2013
By Courtney Parker

The rustic farms, luminous lakes, rugged landscapes, rural back roads and local landmarks of Vermont have always been part of the natural beauty this state has become known for, attracting admirers of all ages.

Looking to embrace that beauty is local artist Peter Huntoon as he prepares to launch his new interactive website feature, A Day in Vermont.

Known for his Vermont-themed art, in the past year Huntoon has returned to school to earn his bachelor’s degree, turned 50, married, left a career at Sto Corporation, and is now ready pursue his art full time.

After partnering with two local Web developers from Green Screen Graphics, Huntoon was able to revamp his website and set up a platform for his new vision.

The launch of A Day in Vermont is just the beginning of Huntoon’s artistic journey and his plans to further explore Vermont.

“My hope is to initiate an ongoing conversation that celebrates Vermont through art,” he said, adding the state has and always will be his subject matter of choice.

A Day in Vermont is a simple electronic newsletter that gives subscribers insider access to Huntoon’s most recent paintings, which he will be creating on a weekly basis.

Interested participants can subscribe on Huntoon’s website, allowing them the opportunity to share his Vermont passion.

Email newsletters to subscribers will be sent out upon the completion of a painting announcing the new piece as it becomes available for purchase as part of an online auction.

“I hope A Day in Vermont will be an exciting way for folks to acquire a painting they love for a good price,” he said.

Each original painting will be available exclusively to subscribers via 24-hour auction starting at a reduced price. Paintings that do not sell during the auction will be placed in Huntoon’s art gallery for purchase at regular retail price.

Huntoon will be painting with both watercolors and oils, each of which has distinctive advantages for expression.

In addition to paintings, he will also include occasional photographs, sketches and a few words to help bring the experience to life, welcoming subscribers to become part of the creative process by making suggestions as well as posting comments and questions.

Once a month, one subscriber will be randomly selected to receive a free limited edition print, part of Huntoon’s way of thanking those who support him and his work.

“Art has the power to connect us across time and space,” he said. “A Day in Vermont is about giving back in a small but personal way to a very supporting community.’’

To Huntoon, A Day in Vermont is an excellent form of self-discipline and commitment that will push him as an artist. While he usually paints almost everyday, most paintings take longer than a few days to complete.

“Nothing inspires me like a deadline,” he joked, confident that he will be able to deliver at least two excellent paintings per week.

Huntoon’s wife and fellow artist, Mareva Millarc, fully supports her husband on this creative journey and believes his new concept will be greatly acknowledged by the community.

“This will give everyone who has ever wanted to own a Peter Huntoon painting the opportunity to do so,” said Millarc, adding the discounted price and auction setting will be beneficial to both new and old collectors.

Millarc sees A Day in Vermont as a wonderful opportunity for Huntoon to better connect with his audience and allow additional interaction between artist and collector.

“I believe that his passion for not only Vermont, but also the people who call it home will shine through,” she said.

A Day in Vermont is set to launch March 18, featuring the first of many new paintings that have art collectors and Huntoon fans all over the state highly anticipating their arrival.

Dr. Richard Baker of Rutland was thrilled to hear about the new site and is looking forward to the creative experience A Day in Vermont will provide.

Baker owns several of Huntoon’s prints and displays them throughout his office at Rutland Community Health Center for incoming patients and staff to admire on a daily basis.

“He does a lot of local pieces we all know well,” said Baker adding that the paintings are relatable and recognizable to many, which is part of what makes them so special.

Middletown Springs resident Sam Green is also eager for the launch and to see the large variety of paintings Huntoon will create next.

Green said she first fell in love with Huntoon’s paintings after seeing them at the local village store and has been collecting them ever since.

“He paints places that I actually see every day,” she said.

She also uses the Vermont-themed art to share her daily life with her parents who live out of state. Located in Rochester, N.Y., her parents are not able to visit as much as they would wish, and sending them Huntoon paintings allows them the opportunity to create a bond with Vermont from a distance, she said.

Green’s bright blue house can even be spotted in one of Huntoon’s famous paintings of Middletown Springs, which hangs in both her and her parents’ houses.

“It’s like seeing things through Peter’s lens,” she said, explaining the unique way Huntoon portrays his subject adds a different perspective to a well-known place. “You can always recognize his work.’’

His vibrant use of colors and unique view of his subject are just some of the many things that draw Green, and other Huntoon enthusiasts, into each and every painting, creating a true Vermont connection.

For more information on Huntoon or to subscribe to A Day in Vermont, visit or