Crown Point

This painting was commissioned by Brad Little, a proud descendant of the Green Mountain Boys.

We agreed to make the print available to the public.

From Brad: “For the past two years, I have made several trips to this site……… the ruins of Fort Crown Point on Lake Champlain in Crown Point, York…..not far from our lake home in Vermont. After my latest visit in the summer of 2017 , I commissioned renowned Vermont artist Peter Huntoon to do a painting of these fabulous ruins. The British began construction of this fort in 1759…..ultimately it would be the largest British Fort ever constructed in the “new world” …..much later in 1775 , (and after a fire had seriously damaged the barracks) it was seized by Col Seth Warner and Capt. Remember Baker ( my 5th great grandfather ) co leaders, along with Ethan Allen , of the Green Mountain Boys. My thoughts directed to Peter Huntoon were to reflect the “ongoingness” of time……the amazing fact that these stone ruins still stand, the large tree in the background signifying that life goes on, and I requested the addition of the “hint “ the green Mt. Boy flag below the British flag to reflect the ultimate history! ….a beautiful place!”

$25.00 — $350.00