Kent Pond Falls

Just off Rt 100 in Killington, Kent Brook cascades and tumbles into Kent Pond.

Painting in the face of Nature can be mighty intimidating. There’s so much to consider. I suppose every artist develops a personal approach. My process and internal dialog usually goes something like this…

  1. “Wow, look at that. This could be a great painting!”
  2. “Hmm, that’s going to be a real challenge.” (Quickly followed by 100 real and imagined reasons not to paint.)
  3. “Well, I’ll just give it a shot anyway and see what happens.” (This is the most important step, BTW)
  4. The brush hits the canvas… “Jeez there’s no way I can do this beauty justice.”
  5. After the first few strokes… “Well, it’s not looking that bad. I guess I’ll keep going.” (Second most important step)
  6. Right about here the incessant internal chatter subsides. Thank goodness!
  7. Two or three magical hours suddenly go by.
  8. “Hey, what time is it? My shoulder is cramped, the mosquitos are out, I’m hungry, and it’s starting to get dark.”
  9. Stepping back….”Gee, that’s a pretty decent start. This could be a good painting. I’ll take it home to the studio and see what it looks like tomorrow.”
  10. Tomorrow: Repeat 1-10.

$25.00 — $350.00