While the Sun Shines

So I was painting last week at the Holiday Inn in Rutland for the 50+ EXPO event. Yes, I am now over 50.

I was working from a photo I took last July in Mendon. The image captured a sunny moment in an afternoon hayfield near Sugar and Spice.

Like many of the subjects I stumble upon, it was a quick stop and shoot opportunity with my telephoto lens. As with haying in Vermont, timing is everything.

I didn’t get to meet the hardworking men who were way too busy to pay any attention to me.

Turns out several visitors at the Expo event knew exactly who these fine gentlemen were… Jack Fox, Duane Laughlin, DJ Laughlin, and Eddie Fox.

I knew I was in Vermont when, late in the day with my painting nearing completion, an older gentleman with a long white beard remarked; “Hey, that looks like Jack’s tractor!”

$25.00 — $350.00