Auction Questions & Answers 

The information below should answer most questions, but of course, please don’t hesitate to call if you ever have any questions regarding the auction process or have any trouble bidding. 802-235-2328. I’m here to help, and I do want your “auction experience” to be easy and enjoyable. Have fun and good luck!

Q. How do I register to Bid?

A. Click on “Register to bid”. Enter your name, e-mail, and choose a password. You are good to go for all auctions.

Q. How do I bid and how does the auction process work?

A. Click “Bid.” When you place a bid you are specifying the maximum amount that you are willing to bid on the painting currently at auction. The system will then automatically place bids on your behalf in low 5% increments, as needed, in order to remain the high bidder. If your high bid maximum is surpassed by another bidder you can always choose to enter a higher amount. This familiar “max bid proxy” (eBay type) auction process guarantees the lowest possible selling price to the winning bidder.

Q. When I place a new bid, I’m immediately outbid. Why?

A. That means someone has previously entered a higher bid than your new bid and the system is bidding up on behalf of that person, as explained above. You can simply keep bidding until you surpass that previous high bid, and you will then become the new winning bidder.

Q. How do you determine the starting minimum bid?

A. The minimum starting bid is set very low (currently $225), about a quarter of my standard price for a similar sized work. Offering a low starting bid along with first dibs on my newest work is one small way of saying thank you to my collectors and subscribers.

Q. Can I just Buy it Now?

A. Yes. You can use the Buy Now option when a new piece really speaks to you, you must have this original painting, and you are willing to pay full price. (currently $800 for an unframed 12X16) Some things are just meant to be. Don’t wait too long though…there’s only one original and when it’s gone it’s gone. If someone does purchase the current painting using the Buy Now option, the auction will simply close until the next one begins. To Buy Now, simply click the Buy Now button located under the painting image (and under current bid amount) and walk through the payment process. Once the transaction is complete the auction will close. Peter will then follow up with a personal email.

Q. By the time I receive my Day in Vermont email and check the auction, the painting has already sold. How can I make sure to have a chance at the new painting?

A. Some auctions close quickly because someone has purchased the painting using the “Buy Now” option. Since the email newsletter may or may not arrive at the exact same time to all subscribers, I now start all new auctions at 10:30 AM EST, exactly. The email goes out shortly after that. So, if you are interested in being first in line to view the new original auction painting, please check my website directly at 10:30AM EST Monday morning, at 

Q. What happens when I win the auction?

A.When you have the winning bid at the close of the auction I will contact you via email to arrange shipping and payment through my simple and secure shopping cart system. The system accepts all major credit cards and Paypal. We can make arrangements to pay with a check if you prefer. If you are in the area you can pick up at my studio.

Q. Are the Day in Vermont auction paintings framed or unframed?

A. All Day in Vermont paintings are auctioned unframed. The winning bidder may opt to add a standard frame at check out.  You can add a high-quality frame to any auction painting. Click HERE to view frame options. Also, I’ll be happy to send you a snap shot of your painting in my  frame option.

Q. I really want to bid, but I still have questions. (or I am having difficulties) Can I just call you?

A. Of course! I would be more than happy to explain the auction process, walk through anything with you on the phone, or help troubleshoot any issues. I’m here to help and most often in my studio @ 802-235-2328.

Q. I’m still on the fence about the frame. Will I like it?

A. Here is what one recent customer who decided to have me go ahead and frame her new painting had to say…

“Hi Peter, The painting just arrived and it is gorgeous. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!! Love the framing. That’s the way for me to go from now on. Just have you take care of everything. THANK YOU. Love it. Love it. Love it!”  Diana Peterson

Q. I really like what I see on my monitor, and I’m tempted to bid. How will the original painting compare?

A. All monitors are different so it’s possible the colors will be slightly different. Based on the 100% positive and consistent feedback I have received so far over the course of hundreds of paintings, you can expect the original painting to look at least as good, and better, in person. Here is what one happy Day in Vermont collector had to say…

“Peter’s Day in Vermont paintings that arrive in my email box are two weekly occurrences that I truly look forward to receiving. He often uses the term ‘juicy’ when referring to his colors and now he has added ‘yummy’ to describe his water media surface interests. The paintings on line give one a glimpse into these two descriptors, but when one holds these original paintings in hand the vibrancy, depth, and magic of the images are unparalleled. Whatever you feel when you preview these paintings online will only be enhanced and magnified when you are the winning bidder and hold the real original in your hands. I now have six of Peter’s Day in Vermont paintings and consider myself a proud and enthusiastic collector of his wondrous work. I will be giving some of them away as presents; but there are more of the paintings, with which I just couldn’t part, that will grace my walls.”
Sally D. Curtis, President
Killington Arts Guild

Q. How do you ship Day in Vermont Paintings and how much does it cost?

A. I use USPS and UPS to ship all orders unless alternate arrangements are made. Winning bidders provide shipping info and payment through my simple and secure shopping cart system. That system will calculate shipping as appropriate and state tax if applicable. (VT sales only). To most U.S. locations shipping is typically $9.95 for unframed paintings and $19.95 for framed pieces.

Q. What happens if an original painting is not sold during the auction?

A. It doesn’t happen often, but it will go to my online gallery of Original Paintings, home gallery, or to an Art Partner retail gallery at standard pricing.

Q. How does the twice-monthly subscriber print giveaway work?

A. I give away one 11X14 unframed prints each month to two individual winners. Winners may choose from over 600 images. I use to generate a random number based on the total number of subscribers on my list. If your number comes up, you win. I’ll announce the winners every month on A Day in Vermont. Thanks for subscribing!

Q. Do you make prints from your Day In Vermont originals?

A. Most “Day in Vermont” paintings are also offered as limited edition giclee prints. Please check my Print Gallery for availability. Just let me know if you have a question about a specific image.

Q. How do you decide what to paint?

A. I have a long list of things I want to paint but I am always looking for new locations and subjects. I often just hop in the car and follow my heart. There are few things more exciting (to me) than stumbling onto irresistible inspiration. Many ideas and suggestions for new paintings come from you. A Day in Vermont is one way for us to collaborate and create something beautiful together.

Q. How did A Day in Vermont start?

A. A Day in Vermont officially launched in March 2013. It’s built for friends who enjoy my work and love Vermont. We are celebrating and sharing the beauty of Vermont one painting at a time. How will it end? I don’t know…and that’s just the way I like it. I hope to have the privilege of painting a whole lot more, and sharing them with you, before I move on to the Big Green Mountains in the sky.

Q. How long does it take to complete a painting?

A. Six to eight hours for a typical 12X16 is the short answer. Time counts for little in art, at least mine. The preparation and planning can take longer than the execution. Ideas are the same way. Some come in a flash and others need plenty of incubation time. The actual painting may take as little as two or three hours, while most average about eight. Larger or more detailed paintings can take days. Many paintings are started on location “En plein air”, and finished soon after in the studio. The forward momentum helps sustain the considerable energy and focus required. I find there is little correlation between the effort, time, and ultimate result. Some of my best work is done quickly. On the other hand, I have stacks of paintings that took me many hours to gradually ruin. I count all those as necessary practice.

Q. An original painting I really wanted is no longer available. Can you create another one like it?

A. No two original paintings are the same and I would not try to duplicate one. That said, I often work in series and create several paintings based on a single subject or idea.

Q. Do you accept invitations? I think you would love our property.

A. I appreciate and often accept invitations to visit private property with the freedom to explore.

Q. Do you teach?

A. While I no longer conduct formal classes, workshops, or private lessons, I do enjoy sharing what I have learned with others through my work, free videos, and the occasional demonstration. If you would like to discuss the possibility of a demonstration for your group, please contact me directly.

Q. Do you work on site, from photos, from sketches, from memory, or your imagination?

A. Yes. All of the above and in combination. Like a symphony orchestra I will use one, some, or all instruments available to help me express the music in my heart.

Q. If I buy an original painting from you (or any other artist) do I also own reproduction and image rights?

A. No. You will own an authentic, original painting. All work is protected by copyright and the artist retains all image rights. Physical reproduction is prohibited without the expressed written consent of the artist. That said, I’m a nice guy and very easy to work with. Specific requests for image use will be considered. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Note: Please feel free to share digital images from my website via the Internet, email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Q. What style do you call your work?

A. I think if you have something sincere to say you will find a way to say it. That will be an authentic voice. Robert Henri said; “Your style is the way you talk in paint.” More