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A Day in Vermont is a love story.

Through the mysterious powers of art and the Internet we are sharing
something special, a creative adventure celebrating the beauty of Vermont…one day and one painting at a time.

“Vermont Artist Peter Huntoon has created A Day In Vermont, a “free and friendly email love-letter.” Every Monday morning a beautiful painting by Peter arrives in your inbox. Along with personal comments, you can observe his process with photographs, sketches and then view the final product. Peter’s work is stunning and evokes Vermont through and through. I love Peter’s work and his new email project. I think you will too. Check it out! Karen Nevin, Executive Director Valley Arts Foundation

Each painting post includes a community forum. I’ll share a little bit about the art, subject, or process. Your comments and questions are welcome.

Each month I give away a free print (of your choice) to two random subscribers.

It’s one small way I can say thanks for subscribing and your amazing support.

“I love your site and look forward to your charming and insightful comments ALMOST as much as I look forward to your wonderful paintings! Lyn

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Each new painting is available to subscribers via my online auction with a very low starting bid. To learn more about the auction and how to bid, click here. 

“Hello Peter, This is just to reinforce how much your emailed paintings mean to me in a busy work week. Thanks for sending Vermont to me in small, beautiful doses!” Bill

It is amazing how you capture the spirit of a community in your beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing Vermont with all of us!” Mary

“Once again, you made me smile this morning when I saw your latest painting. Thank you for bringing my Vermont to me across the miles.” Karen

“As always, I love your paintings and the explanations you write about your adventures…” Deanie

Click HERE to read A Day in Vermont press. These include feature articles from the Rutland Herald, Vermont Magazine, and Subaru Drive Magazine.

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  5. Connect with other Vermont-minded folks.
  6. Comment on the art or share your Vermont story.
  7. I take requests. Do you have a location or subject in mind?
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