A Day in Vermont
September 21, 2020


Second Cut

Auction Closed. Sold via Buy Now. Next Auction Monday, October 5. 

“Usually, second cutting (Hay) is a lighter harvest that yields fewer bales than first cut, when the grass is going sort of wild, given rain and sun in the right mix. Second cut smells sweeter and is richer in nutrients.”

There’s nothing like the sweet smell of a Vermont farm. I happen to love it, but of course opinions vary!

Please Note: Speaking of making hay while the sun shines, this auction is scheduled to run for two weeks until Monday, Oct 5. I’ll be out capturing as much (early autumn) color as I can. 

Size: 10X20 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on linen panel

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32 Responses to “Second Cut”

  1. Susan Oliver

    I look forward to receiving Peter’s emails and seeing his beautiful paintings. They take me back to Vermont and all of my adventures there, too many to list. I hope one day soon to be a resident of this beautiful state, but my memories are vivid and will have to tide me over!

  2. Brian Dugan

    Great work again this week. I agree completely about the sweet smell of a Vermont Farm. My first experience visiting Vermont was at the farm which is now the Paw House in West Rutland, very special memories. I’m looking forward to see what you do with the autumn colors.

  3. Karen Moorman

    I love Monday mornings waiting for this weeks painting. I love the farm and can smell the fresh cutting. My dad planted clover every few years to let the land rest. Reminds me of him. Thank You

  4. Robin Simmons

    I love this painting. It epitomizes the Vermont farm setting and your description of the second cut was just the perfect description of the sweet smell of hay that I love and miss so much.

  5. Lynne Komraus

    Peter I love the Quiet Place and appreciate the poem as well. So wheel summarizes my feeling of home in Vermont. Can you tell me where you painted that picture? It looks so familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. Even just the town would be great.
    Love seeing your work always!

    • Peter Huntoon

      Lynne, “A Quiet Place” is based on a local spot on 103 on corner of Pawlet/Wells Rd.

  6. Cecelia Richardson

    Peter, I love this picture and it reminds me of my childhood growing up on a farm. I too love the smell of fresh cut hay. Thanks for putting light into my Mondays.

  7. Sebastian J. Haase

    Good-one! I can feel the cool air! And, just like Rod Stewart sings: “The First Cut Is The deepest! C u when the time is right! S.

  8. Rory Houghtalen

    As a young man, I spent many hours putting in the hay. Brings back so many memories. I’ve forgotten the parts about the heat, the itch and the dust. What remain are the warm memories of the smell and camaraderie of haying. Kudos!

  9. Cynthia Adams

    Another subject I can relate to….I did “help” some as a youngster….but the best thing was jumping in the hay after it had been in the barn for a while… Thank you, Peter.

  10. Brian Blaine

    First and second cut are memories of the past on the farm where I grew up. The open fields that remain do so only because I “bushhog” them once a year in early October, long after the grass-dwelling birds have nested and raised their precious young.

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thanks Brian, yes it sure grows up quickly if we don’t stay on top of it.

  11. conni bonak

    The house and barn reminds me of my mom’s – she has been gone a long time, but I still dream of her in her garden, or snoozing in her comfy chair with the wood stove going in the kitchen. Memories are precious and your paintings invoke so many. Thanks Peter….conni

  12. Anita Cronk

    We just bought an old farm in Montague NJ . 118 acres . My husband has been mowing the fields to bring them back to life. Hope to smell the hay next summer! Your paintings are amazing.


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