On the Spot…

with Peter Huntoon


“On the Spot” is an open invitation to join me on location while I create a new painting.

It’s an occasional opportunity to experience Vermont through the eyes of an artist.

Everyone is welcome!

Non artists (or those who have yet to pick up their brush) are invited to relax and watch the creative process unfold.

Fellow artists are invited to set up and work. Facing a creative challenge together is fun and educational for all.

This is a casual, friendly, non structured event.

No registration, no attendance, no pressure, and no charge.

Come as you are and leave when you wish.


Logistics: I try to choose convenient locations that are accessible to most. You may have to walk a bit or amble over a few rocks. There may or may not be official bathroom facilities. I recommended following the old Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. A chair, bug dope, sunscreen, etc are some of my basic essentials. My location painting sessions last an average of two to three hours. Mother Nature is our host and we’ll treat her with loving care.

Painting outdoors is weather dependent so we can’t plan too far ahead. I’ll make On the Spot (Artist Alert!) announcements on Monday morning when I post the Day in Vermont newsletter…Subscribe Now. In the announcement I’ll specify the exact day, location, and start time. I’ll also post any announcements on my Facebook Page.

I’m an artist in love with Vermont. Celebrating her beauty one painting at a time is my mission.

Sharing the artistic adventure with you is my privilege and pleasure.

I hope you can join me for an “On the Spot” painting experience soon!

Warmest regards,