Connecting with nice people who share a love for art and Vermont is pure joy. 
I am proud to offer the following sampling of customer testimonials.

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

Mother Teresa

Vermont Artist Peter Huntoon has created A Day In Vermont, a “free and friendly email love-letter.” Every Monday morning a beautiful painting by Peter arrives in your inbox. Along with personal comments, you can observe his process with photographs, sketches and then view the final product. Peter’s work is stunning and evokes Vermont through and through. I love Peter’s work and his new email project. I think you will too. Check it out! Karen Nevin, Executive Director Valley Arts Foundation

Dear Peter, Happy 6th Anniversary!!! A wonderful milestone of which you can, and must, be very proud! All that you have described in this beautiful letter comes through in your paintings. What a beautiful gift you give to others through what you have described as for you “the best part of all”, sharing it with us. Like the pebble in a pond, your gift sends out ripples bringing the joy you experience creating your paintings far beyond, touching the lives of so many others. Your paintings emanate joy, and the beauty of God’s creation, not to mention the inspiration you provide for others to partake in the joy of participating in the visual arts or just getting out to explore the natural beauty around us. Thank you for this gift! Thank you for your enthusiasm! Thank you for sharing not only your paintings , the product of your gifts and talents, but also your thoughts and values, a taste of your soul that is equally valuable. I really enjoy your weekly emails, love to be visually enriched by your beautiful, colourful, lively paintings capturing a special part of the world, and also your reflections on the experiences of the painting which also touch an inner chord in a meaningful way. Your generosity is also heartwarming and an inspiration. May God continue to bless you and your enterprise, continuing to use you to touch and enrich the lives of other so effectively. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!!! Sincerely, with gratitude, Joan Wolfe.

I’ve never been to Vermont but have always wanted to go. It is on my must go list. Your paintings make me want to go even more. I delete many of my emails w/out reading them. Not yours. Always open them! Kathy H.

Hi Peter,  We just received your painting today and what can I say. WOW!!! This painting is an absolute knockout. To say we love it is an understatement. We are ecstatic about it and cannot thank you enough for creating a such a masterpiece and giving us the opportunity to own it. Best regards always to you and your lovely wife. Sandy 

To coin a phrase – “The best part of waking up is”… finding mail from you and on a Monday even!! I look forward to Mondays and emails now Peter, thank you for your beautiful gift and memories that brighten my day!!  Esther B.

I taste Maple Syrup when I look at your Paintings. Pammi M.

This artist will go down in VT history as the best at representing all that is good about VT. Debra G.

Just wanted to let you know how excited we were to receive your painting. As lovely as it appeared on the computer,  it is even more beautiful in person. Your talent is amazing! We are also very happy with how well the frame and mat you selected complements the picture. Your personalized customer service is absolutely the best! Thank you also for your wonderful website and the opportunity to bid on your artwork. I enjoy looking through the prior paintings that you have done and look forward to Mondays to see what new paintings of scenic Vermont you have created. We wish you lots of continued success. Sincerely, Sandy and Family

Peter is a brilliant painter, talented teacher and wonderful diplomat for the State of Vermont. His watercolor and acrylic creations, often painted on location, capture the spirit and charm of Vermont and her people. Peter Huntoon is a State Treasure, the Painter Laureate of Vermont! Marguerite Jill Dye

Peter, The cool thing about your artwork is that it gives the framework for one’s imagination to go to work. The moment I saw this piece, I could imagine seeing the townspeople gather & children’s laughter as they run and play. That is the sign of a true master…that the master promotes the onlooker’s imagination, interpretation & thought. You are truly a master! Susan None, Portersville  Pa

Hi Peter, I ordered the painting Winter Walk and it is hanging up in my living room right now. My roommate and I are enjoying it so much and it has become the focal point of the room. I live in Reno, Nevada now but grew up in Vermont. Whenever I look at the painting a wave of nostalgia hits and reminds me of the beautiful childhood I experienced in VT. I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world. Sincerely, Marilyn T.

I just received the 2 prints that I ordered from you & they are incredible! Your scenes & color schemes are beautiful! I was passing through Rutland in September & ate at the “South Station”, where I spent 20 minutes gazing in awe at your prints hanging on the wall. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I hope to order more from you. I fell in love with Vermont during this trip & hope to return again soon. I live in an old farmhouse in Pennsylvania & I was wondering what your procedure & pricing cost would be to paint the front of my house. Do you paint from pictures? Thanks for sharing your talent with the world & bringing happiness to folks! Susan Y.

I purchased four of your Giclee prints, all scenes of Rutland, VT, earlier this fall. I surprised my husband this Christmas with your prints all professionally framed (by the “Drawing Board” in Montpelier). He was thrilled and very touched to receive the artwork. All of the prints are now hanging in our home and my husband has a bit of his home town here in Waitsfield. Thank you again, we truly love your artwork. (I first saw it in the Rutland Hospital) Sincerely, Lisa B Harvey

Just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic experience I had in your watercolor class. You provided excellent instruction in a relaxed environment and accomplished the impossible, which was to break me out of my left-brain only painting mode. I will still paint some of my work in a greater detail, but I believe that at least every third painting I do will be a much looser form, similar to what you taught. I believe this will go a long way to keeping all of my work a little fresher and more open to interpretation by the viewer. I hope to take more instruction from you in the future as time allows. Take Care, Wayne P.

We received the painting last night- nice packing job!!! It is just beautiful – Al was very pleased and it looks great in our place- if you are ever out this way you will have to come and see how it looks!! Thanks again for everything. Happy Holidays! Nancy and Al

I received the painting on Thursday. WOW! I consider myself someone who is pretty hard to impress, but I am absolutely thrilled with the way it turned out. You really captured our sense of the place, and I’ve already bet my mom and my brother that my sister will be in tears within a minute of opening the (resealed) box at Christmas! Peter, thank you again for creating a piece that evokes the sense of a place that holds the dearest of memories for my family. Matt

Thank you so much for the opportunity to view your beautiful array of artwork. I am so very pleased with the prints and original artwork purchased from your studio. I love your work and can’t wait to have it framed and hung in my home. I would love to be apprised of your new ventures and look forward to seeing your latest works. I have already had friends checking out your website. Wishing you much continued success in the future! Carleen W.

Your work is great. My parents just sold their vacation home on Lake Bomoseen after owning it for almost 45 years. I loved my summers on the lake and luckily was able to spend more time year round over the last ten years. My daughter attends Green Mountain College and when we were visiting, I came across your paintings at the gift shop there. My daughter knew how much I loved your work and how I talked about Vermont and that area being an important part of my life that she purchased for me two of your works for Christmas, The Lake House Grill and Downtown Poultney. Looking through your gallery of paintings is like a view of my life, my father taking us to Golfland on rte. 30 to miniature golf, Fair Haven’s Main Street and The Marble Inn. Going to Pico to ski and Alpine Slide in the summer. (That will be my next purchase) I choose the View of Killington because my daughter spends so much time there it makes me think of her. And I bought The Lake House for my brother and his family. D. K.

We were skiing at Killington and I purchased your “Bear Mountain” watercolor from a gift shop. I was so hoping you had one of Killington where we spent most of our time. I was so happy to find this on your web site. Your work is beautiful and unique! A. S.

I wanted to thank you again for shipping that order to me so quickly, it was a wedding present for my friends. They met at Green Mountain College and finally got married and moved to NYC, so I thought it would be so fitting to get them a painting to remind them of Vt. She called me the other day to tell me how thoughtful and beautiful the painting was. Thanks again, Nicole S.

Just wanted you to know that the kids absolutely loved the painting of the Woodstock Inn. In fact, my son’s future mother-in-law loved it so much that she will probably be contacting you to do a commissioned piece on their lake property in Kentucky! Thank you for being part of a very special event. My son was just overwhelmed so I think saying they loved it is probably an understatement! It couldn’t have come out better. Again, many thanks. Laurie A.

The painting looks so beautiful in our bedroom. I keep walking up to it and visiting the watering hole. It really draws me in. Of course it’s always a pleasure to have a scene that evokes such a sense of serenity, not to mention how nice it is to know the artist who brought it to life. My husband has also commented on how much he likes it. Yikes, he knows I get a little impulsive with my purchases so I’m relieved he shares the same enjoyment. How could he not?

I knew your work, because when we went back to our Killington Grand time share, your print of Snowshed was in our unit. So, I’ve been looking at that for a while, and that’s part of why I had to buy one of your works. Also, the Maiden Vermont cow print is fun and adds a lighter touch to our family room. Thanks again, L.P.W

That was so wonderful, such a great workshop! I’ve never been to one. Lucky I picked the best. I’m surprised and feel so sure I really absorbed and will retain so much especially since your methods addressed and punctuated the many gaps in my mind’s eye. Fab! Thanks so much, A. S.

I received the Harbor View print! Seeing it gave me such a wonderful feeling of joy! I love your work and have purchased at least three prints in various shops along my travels in Vermont. Your style and love for Vermont is captured through your work. Your personal thanks warms the heart. C.F.

My husband was born an lived in Rutland. I think he will be thrilled with your renderings of places etched into his memory. Thank you for committing them to “canvas” for the rest of us to enjoy! – Thanks, CL

A Special Tribute and Thank You to Our Instructor, Peter Huntoon
How fortunate we are in this little Vermont community to have, in our midst, such a talented artist, watercolorist and friend, Peter Huntoon. Over the past six years, Peter has entertained and inspired his many students to bravely take up a brush, and to fearlessly paint to our creative heart’s content. Though we may never be famous artists (or perhaps we may) instruction through the gifted eyes of such a warm-hearted, knowledgeable master, has given us the opportunity to “see” and feel the beauty around us in a different light. Peter is never boastful; he is forever kind in his critique of others, and yet he confidently instructs with a guiding, gentle hand; his beautiful palette and “free” painting style reflects his passion and excitement for his subject, his homeland, its people, its farmland, its countryside, its heart and soul. Thank you, Peter, for unselfishly sharing your artful experiences and knowledge through your teaching of classes, your entertaining demonstrations, and most of all, your beautiful art work for all of us to forever enjoy, – From your Many Perpetual Students

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work. I grew up in Rutland and it’s so nice to see familiar places look so special. On a recent visit back, I found your prints of Sunday Bandstand, City Lights and Fall On Center. I also ordered (and received) the Brandon Inn from your website. They look great and it is wonderful to have a real piece of Vermont in my current home. – Sincerely, Jeanne T.

I love the painting, it’s amazing! I was planning to hang it in my bedroom as I have a large wall but am now thinking I may change it out with something downstairs so others may enjoy it as much as I. It was very exciting to look forward to the final product, thank you very much. Have a great Autumn, the colors must be beautiful in your location. Hopefully, we’ll see you next year. – Regards, N.

I live in Sugar Hill Georgia. However, I am a native Vermonter, having grown up in Proctor. My family still resides in Vermont, so I visit often. For my 40th birthday last year, my mother introduced me to your work by giving me the Proctor Marble Bridge print. I have since purchased the Band Stand and the Pittsford prints. I love your work, and by hanging it proudly in my home, it has given my friends a better idea of just how beautiful that little corner of the world really is. Thanks very much!! – Sincerely, S.C.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful painting you did of my father. This was such a surprise! I was speechless when I saw the painting. I think this was the very best present anyone has ever given me. It was completely unexpected and an especially thoughtful gift. I will treasure forever having such a special “Peter Huntoon Original” hanging in my living room. – S.M.

I’ve lived in New Jersey for approximately seven years now, but I originate from Rutland, Vermont, where my parents still live. Last Christmas, my parents came to New Jersey for the holiday season to visit my wife and I. To my surprise, they had purchased one of your prints. The print is of Downtown Rutland. I absolutely loved the print and I immediately hung it in our office at home to remind me of my roots. This year, my parents came to visit again, and again they surprised me with one of your prints… this time, it was the Sugar and Spice print. My wife and I ski at Killington and Pico several times a year, and we ALWAYS have breakfast at Sugar and Spice, so this was yet another treasure for us. Even my wife, who is originally from Philadelphia and had never been to Vermont until three years ago, immediately recognized Sugar and Spice. Needless to say, this print is now hanging in my office as well. I appreciate your artwork and I find it fascinating. Your artwork reminds me of my childhood days in Vermont and all of the places I would frequent. Your style itself, regardless of subject, reminds me of Vermont. Watercolor…simple yet beautiful. I plan to purchase either the Killington or Pico print in the near future to add to my collection. I just thought I would say hello and tell you how much I really enjoy your work. I look forward to seeing more of it. – J.

Our painting arrived today! It is in great condition and we are happy to be hanging it. It is a beautiful reminder of our visits. Take care and thank you for the excellent packing and shipping of our Huntoon original! – N.

I am delighted with my new painting. We arrived home last evening and couldn’t wait to take it out of the packaging. It was and is perfect. The painting will have a special place in our home. – Thanks again, N.M.

I just wanted to say thank you. I recently purchased your “Peak Conditions” framed print at the Cortina Inn and it’s beautiful; came right home and hung it in my living room. Your work is really beautiful. I can’t wait to gaze upon my print in the days to come. I’ll be adding your website to my favorites list! – Sincerely, S.C.; Mansfield, MA

Thank you so much for your prompt reply following our visit to Vermont. We were delighted to come upon your work in our travels. My husband and I are both art lovers and were drawn to the fresh style of your work. We have always supported local artists in our area and especially enjoy the “natural” art of New England. Again, thank you for the joy of viewing your work. Good luck with your new pieces. I will be in touch. – K.M.

Went to visit my parents this weekend and they had one of your prints on the wall (a friend sent it to them as a Christmas gift). I absolutely LOVED it! Your talent just keeps getting better and better. Your really do have a special gift. I’ll be stopping back at your site to order soon. Just wanted to let you know how blown away I was by your art. It’s fantastic! – L.

Just wanted to tell you that the painting arrived. I love it, and it is already at the framer’s. I can’t thank you enough; it is even more wonderful in person! You shipped it so beautifully too- it arrived in pristine shape. Peter, have a great Vermont spring, and please keep me in mind with your future creations. -Warm regards, L.B.

First off I would like to say we saw some of your work at Hallmark in the Diamond Run Mall and just fell in love and are looking forward to your show. The colors…the shades…wow…thank you :). – Thank you so very much, L. &. M. B.

This is just to let you know that the prints of the Paw House arrived safely in Reno yesterday. I’m thrilled to have them and will be forwarding one to my sister in Tennessee in time for Christmas. Thank you again for getting these to me. It’s so great to have a picture of a home where our family has so many fond memories. – Happy Holidays to you and your family, B.D.

Paramount Theatre Community Arts Award: The Paramount Theatre Wishes to Recognize and Acknowledge the Contributions of Local Artist PETER HUNTOON whose support, dedication and commitment to the arts has made Rutland, Vermont a great place to live, work and visit. The Rutland Region is truly a better place because of your efforts.

Wow! What a beautiful perspective on Poultney! We’re absolutely delighted. Thank you Peter, for your generous help and lending your talents to what we hope will prove to be a great step forward for Poultney! – P.

I am writing to let you know how much my wife and I love your work. We live in North Clarendon with our two kids and we have a couple of your prints in our home. We eventually would like to fill our home with your work. Keep up the great work. – D.R.

My fiance and all of his groomsmen are graduates of Green Mountain College and this was just the perfect gift for one of them. The watercolor of Main Street Poultney was also lovely! – Thanks, C.

Thanks for the update…just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I love your beautiful watercolors. We had found the print we just ordered from you last summer in Manchester, and my husband offered it as a gift to his sister who had fallen in love with it. We framed it and are giving it to her as a gift for Christmas, but we found that we didn’t really want to part with it, so I was so happy to find your website! This copy of the print is a surprise for my husband for Christmas, and I was lucky enough to find the same frame we got for his sister. He is going to be very surprised and happy when he finds that we don’t have to be without the print! I expect we may be ordering again from you. Happy Holidays! -E.E.

I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoy your work. My sister and her husband gave me and my mother two different watercolor prints for Christmas. I was very surprised and I know right away that I was looking at downtown Rutland. My mother’s print is the other view of downtown with the Opera House in it. This print is very very sentimental to me. It actually brought a tear to my eye. You see, your painting also has the mountain in the background. The mountain my grandparents lived on for so long. I intend to purchase another one of your prints for my home and just have to decide which one. Your work brings back so many good memories. Thank you for that. – Sincerely, M.T. (A Vermonter by blood)

Your work is such an inspiration to those of us who are native Vermonters. Each of your prints signifies some point in our life whether it be the band concert with grandparents, picking out our tree at the Christmas Tree Barn, or taking in the view of fall while walking up Center Street with my daughter. Thank you for capturing moments that we can now remember forever thanks to your prints. My mom was thoroughly excited to know she would be getting this for Mother’s Day. She collects your work and it is proudly displayed throughout her dining room. -Thank you again, A. & P. G.

I am delighted with the watercolor I purchased from you, showing Killington. It has such a happy feeling with the colors and techniques you used. Already it is hanging in my bedroom above the fireplace. It will delight me for many years to come. – Thank you, D.W.

Thanks again for the wonderful painting. It is being enjoyed by one and all. Richard has been showing and talking about it to everyone. Just wanted to let you know how awesome everyone thinks it is. – D.

Two watercolorists in Maui love your art work. If you ever come to Maui we would love you to do a workshop or demo for Maui Watercolorists Association. Your work would really be loved here too. Any chance you’d like to paint here in Maui with us? I was referred to you when buying cheese from a nice man last XMAS from Vermont Country Store and took me awhile to contact you. I saved your site and love it. – In Aloa Spirit, B.S.O.

Thanks! I lived in Rutland and worked in Middlebury for a couple of years.. bought “Fall on Center” at Art in the Park awhile back, and I think the Middlebury print will be a great companion for it in my living room! Looking forward to it… – M.H.

Stopped by Hunter Lea Galleries in Ludlow this weekend. And I was so disappointed to see that your “Ice Skaters” was sold. I tell you, I really loved that — and, if I may take the opportunity to say it — I really love your style and body of work. I picked up a limited edition print of “Our Town,” and I’m considering purchasing an original work. – All the best to you, D.M.

I have visited your website so many times and am always overwhelmed with the brilliant colors in your paintings! I got a late start painting watercolor (age 64) and find ordinary watercolors so boring. I would love to imitate (the best form of flattery they say) your method of painting. I could as so many questions, but will contain myself. – Thanks, N.G.

We are pleased to be a collector. We have already mounted it in our living room in Andover and expect to enjoy it for years to come. Interestingly, it is next to a Kandinsky (alas, not an original) and the colors of your work and his are strikingly similar. In any event, we are pleased with our acquisition and hope to add to it in the future. – M. & S. H.

Just to let you know, my mother and I discovered your watercolors at Sugar & Spice in Mendon. Our family used to live in Killington and we felt these really captured the area in a beautiful way. We purchased two that day – I have your print of the Killington basin here with me in the Midwest as a reminder of home – and this one is a Christmas gift for my stepfather, who is good friends with the man who owns Pip’s Barber Shop (in the foreground of City Light). Your work is not only lovely for its artistic merit, but for the great memories of home that they bring us all. – AP