A Day in Vermont
August 13, 2018


Rocky Neck

Auction Closed. Sold via Buy Now $800. Next auction Monday August 20. 

Since when does Vermont have an ocean view? Well, I had a good Art in the Park weekend and sold the piece I was working on for today.

So, please forgive me for posting a recent painting I did down in Gloucester, Mass. Consider it a summer vacation at the shore!

Size: 10X20 (auctioned unframed)
Medium: Oil on panel

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24 Responses to “Rocky Neck”

  1. Kylee

    I LOVE this painting!! The blues are so pretty and the reflections in the wather. Only wish I were there.

  2. cynthia adams

    You are truly forgiven… No need really… I love the ocean and it’s views anywhere in New England. Congratulations on a great Art in the Park!

  3. Thelma Ellerin

    I was very excited when I read “Rocky Neck”! Gloucester, Ma. is my “hometown”! So I love seeing pictures of the whole area! Hope you’ll go again and paint another area that I am familiar with. Thank you, very nicely done!

  4. Randy

    As I look at this painting, I can smell the salty air and hear the sounds of overhead seagulls. Just 2 weeks ago, my wife Margie and I were in Gloucester enjoying the sites. A beautiful painting. If you ever get the time, Lake Memphremagog, in Newport VT , would be a great plein air experience. Thank you for your beautiful art.

  5. Joan Ward

    Wonderful to have seen you at the park. The painting you were working on was fabulous!!!

  6. Michele Harmon

    Good work Peter. Everyone needs ocean view,
    salty air , and the healing sound of the .

  7. Kate Langworthy

    Beautiful colors, especially the reds. If your not in Vermont, the oceans the next best thing!

  8. Ruthe

    Rocky Neck is my favorite painting thus far…it is absolutely beautiful! There isn’t one thing I’d want to change, the subject, colors, everything about it I love!

  9. Sandra Welch

    I love all your work but I REALLY LOVE ROCKY NECK!
    Have friends in Gloucester and love to visit.

  10. brian blaine

    Beauty is where you find it! Great painting of the Mass coastline. But you really got me curious….what was it you painted at Art in the Park?

    • Peter Huntoon

      Thanks Brian, the Art in the Park painting was a Vermont farm scene, I will try to post once I process images.


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